Wounded Spaces

Wounded Spaces photographs are part of a series of images of abandoned or empty spaces that subsist as witnesses of suffering, which include mental health institutions, hospitals, slaughter houses, prisons, concentration camps, among others. 

In each case the artist had very few time to photograph and restricted light conditions: he entered the places, opened doors and windows and shot. When opened for the first time after their permanent closing, the apparent restlessness peace of the sites is altered The irruption of life into death is brutal an often generates physical and mechanical reactions.  

These spaces are like tattooed pieces of skin cut from the corpse; they are relics of pain, where adrenaline still exudes from the walls. They stage the imprint of suffering because of bodily nature. The left-overs of the indelible cruelty of human kind: the aberratio-naturae.

This work is another version of the artist’s fascinating obsession with traces and relics, where objects and spaces that preserve the humors of living beings become post-organic bodies.


Download:  Wounded Spaces, Cult Magazine Autumn-Winter 2014


   Ferry Asylum II, Volterra, Italy


Artwork list & Technical Specifications


1. Operating Room, Tiruchirappalli, India, 2010
Digital print, 1/3
60 x 90 cm 

2. Asylum, Volterra, Italy 2014
Digital print, 1/3
60 x 90 cm 








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