Life Still Circus

Life-still Circus
Supperclub (4Romaeuropafestival)
Rome, 2003

Participants: James Hall, Andy Russ,
Cécile Mainardi & Guillermo Roel

Il faudrait imaginer qu’il ne neige rien en particulier
Qu’il ne neige que l’action de neiger
Autrement dit qu’il se mette à pleuvoir sur Gênes
en plus de la pluie, sa photographique façon de pleuvoir
Il n’y a maintenant plus qu’elle qui nous relie
et nous protège de l’intemperie d’être
à n’importe quel endroit de la ville, l’un sans l’autre

 In a posture of pure unfolding: in the position closest to death

Qu’il neige comme on dirait: il est trois heures
ou dans une ville devenue déserte: il vente
Une neige sans flocon ni particule qui n’enregistre que
la façon exorbitante qu’a le présent de revenir

 In general, I dont remain myself for very long when I kiss you

Qu’il ne neige rien , supposant qu’il neige au moins
quelque chose qui finisse par se passer du présent lui-même
dans les interstices

 I fire a shot into the fucking concrete of ours!

Voilà la neige comme j’aimerais savoir la dessiner.


Cécile Mainardi, Rome, 2003

The performance creates three-dimensional installations based upon Alejandro Gómez de Tuddo’s photographs. James Hall’s own interpretation of these images delves into the emptiness that many people feel and into their need to sacrifice and torture themselves, as well as others, as a means of bringing life into their “still-lives”. Thus, the interpretation of the photographs continues its own lineage of thought and emotion. Through sculpting on latex, paint, props, sound & performance, Hall explores the extreme grotesque nature of love, lust, control, competition and abuse. His interest is not to support, condemn or moralize the images seen by the visitors, but to allow each visitor to draw from their personal experiences. Thus, the interpretation of the original photographs continues its lineage of thought and emotion. Guest artists Cécile Mainardi, Guillermo Roel and Andy Russ bring their talents to enhance the creation. Originating from her viewing of the photographs, the words from Mainardi’s poems take life within, on top of and along the performance. The sound score created by Andy Russ inspires the audience via an additional sensory discourse to further explore their journey; while Guillermo Roel’s latest video production is screened during the evening.  The mind of the audience is free to choose and organize the series of photographs, installations, poems, sounds and videos; the connections are their own perceptions. Gómez de Tuddo created a video for this occasion, edited by Carlotta Cerquetti. In the first one, the performers of a small Mexican family circus alternate with the rhythm of the penitents of a medieval religious tradition from the mountains of  Benevento in Italy: purification, atonement, devotion, sacrifice and tears in counterpoint with entertainment, representation, fantasy, illusion and laughter.


Life Still Circus (video 1)                                              Life Still Circus (video 2)

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