Field of Depth

Lambda print under plexiglass / edition of 3 / 1.20 x 1.80


Alejandro Gómez de Tuddo’s photographs inhabit a place between 
the real and the symbolic. His images are evidence of a personal search for
 social rectification through a sort of visual mourning; a heartfelt investigation on death as sole destiny.
The photographer looks for the life of remnants and assigns through his thorough compositions a ‘spirit’ or voice that leads to metaphysical questions about permanence and transcendence. 
Gómez de Tuddo’s found objects, dead animals and other compositions, are connected with archeology, anthropology and mythology. He relies on formal characteristics such as scale and color to highlight that “the figure of a thing is an essential for the realization of its functions”. This phrase borrowed from Ovid’s Metamorphosis is relavant to Gómez de Tuddo´s work, as his photographs represent figures that are in a stage of final transformation yet retain their metaphorical essence.

Carlos Motta, New York Arts Magazine, September, 2004

Museums & Galleries


Field of Depth
Landscape as  a Metaphor in Emerging Photography

Latin Collector Gallery
Curator: Carlos Motta
New York, 2004 

Other participants: Lina Dorado, Ariel Ruiz, Raissa Venables, Jenny Gaulitz, Nicolas Goldberg, Gastos Zvi, Guido Albi, Michelle Kloehn, Roni Mocán, Frank Oudeman, Giada Ripa, Mariana Silva


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